Thursday, July 11, 2013

Painting for Charity: Kobolds for Kids

Recently I signed up to be one of the volunteer painters for a charity project called Kobolds for Kids as recommended by Adam, a buddy that I met at Adepticon 2013. The project started out small and simple with their group pitching in to the Reaper Miniatures Bones Project on Kickstarter. Then they got into a conversation on how difficult to paint all 241 miniatures that you get from that project. So they decided to create a little painting competitions to encourage themselves to actually complete the project. Someone, however, suggested a better idea: “Instead of competing, what if we took the painted lot and auctioned it off for charity?” To add icing to the cake, they contacted Reaper Miniatures and they decided to donate a whole set of those 241 miniatures (from the Vampire level pledge). Now sh*t just got real!

Models I will be painting for Kobolds for Kids

I was already interested in the get go when Adam told me about the project because I wanted to do something similar but no way I would get the same effect as I would doing it solo vs. a bigger group like this. This project even got some big names in the industry that volunteered like:

·         Ross Watson – Creator of the Death Watch RPG and world class gamer (example of his work)
·         Wyrd Miniatures painting crew (Wyrd Games)
·         Wild West Exodus Miniatures painting crew (look at these!)
·         Andy Hoare (Lexicanum profile)
·         Scott Bogen – Creator of The Board Game Show podcast (The Board Game Show)
·         Russ Wakelin and Craig Gallant of The D6 Generation podcast (The D6 Generation)

“Who are Kobolds for Kids doing this for?”
The Kobolds for Kids team agreed that there are two charity projects that were important to them and that are where they will put their efforts in. The first project is the Boston Children’s Hospital. They have provided a life-saving treatment to more than one of the crew’s children. And the second project is a personal project for one of their gaming friend’s wife who was diagnosed with stage IV triple negative metastatic breast cancer.

“Why are you doing this Mars?
I don’t live in Boston, and I don’t know these people personally but I know they would need as much help as they can get. Some of you guys might not know this but I have watched someone who is dear to me battle cancer and it was not pretty. A lot of “what if we could…” statements and questions would run through my brain during those times. It would put me at ease to know that if I could just give back to the community with what I do best to help these organization and people, and hope that it would get rid of their “what if we could…” questions .

If you guys want to be involved with this project, please don’t hesitate to contact them at


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