Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday 2013 Gift Guide

Holiday 2013 Gift Guide

As the holiday season comes along, a lot of gamers are frantically searching for gifts for their friends and loved ones. Here’s my gift guide for 2013:

Under $10:
·         Dice
·         Dice Bags
·         Token & Counters
·         Classic Games (e.g. Phase 10, Jenga, etc)
·         Accessories (e.g. tape measurer, dice box, etc)

Under $25:
·         Cards Against Humanity
·         Guilds of Cadwallon
·         Tsuro
·         Qwirkle
·         Smash Up

Under $50:
·         Star Wars X-Wing Core Set
·         Netrunner
·         Takenoko
·         King of Tokyo
·         Warmachine High Command

Under $100:
·         Super Dungeon Explore
·         Mansion of Madness
·         Krossmaster Arena

Other great games:
·         Elder Sign
·         Relic (Warhammer 40k Talisman)

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