Monday, February 17, 2014

Firebucket Games Resin Bases and T-5 Kickstarter

Got a care package from Firebucket Games the other day and was pretty impressed with the quality of their products. I am very fond of the HDF terrain pieces that are on Kickstarter in particular. It seems like everyone is going with HDF/MDF terrains that can be laser cutted since it is a lot cheaper to produce and with laser cutting, you get that same precision details every single time (granted that the cost of the laser machine is excluded and the laser doesn't blow out). Those precision cut terrains done by Firebucket Games are perfect for sci-fi games such as Infinity (what I think they had in mind while designing the terrains), Deadzone, Necromunda, Pulp city, and more.

Link to Firebucket Games site:

Link to Firebucket Games T-5 Kickstarter:

Here's a video of my review:


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